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What’s the difference between INSTANT LASH and INSTANTLASH XTREME?

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How do I apply?

Begin by brushing fibres repeatedly over the tips of lashes in a feathery motion, building until you achieve desired length. It is important to start at the tips, not the roots, and concentrate on the tips to build up length. Once satisfied with length, sweep upwards from the root of the lashes to the tips to deposit the thickening fibres along the shaft. This motion will also activate the extendatube technology and lock in your new lashes in place. Continue until you are happy with desired length and thickness, ensuring you don’t leave more than 1 minute between coats.

It is important not to let the tubes dry between coats as once dry, your lashes are set and you can no longer build up your length or volume.

No need for top coat. Smudge proof and water resistant.

Do I need to apply a mascara afterwards?

No. One of the major advances we have made with INSTANT LASH XTREME is the ‘one step’ sealing action which is achieved with our extendatube technology. The tubes form a film around your extensions and thickening fibres and seal them in place so they are flake proof, rub proof, smudge proof and water resistant.

How many times should I be brushing the freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME onto my eyes?

It depends how long you want your lashes to look. When you apply freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME the tiny lash extensions attach to your own eyelashes and you can see them elongate your lashes instantly.

You can keep brushing until you have the desired length. When you keep brushing them on, the little hairs can even attach themselves to the hairs that you have just deposited, creating even more dramatic length. You can add 4 to 8 mm in length.

Our extendatube technology seals your extensions in place making them flake proof and even water resistant. You can swim in it, you can cry in it, you can even sleep in your extensions!

Just be sure not to wet and rub at the same time and your extensions won’t come off until you want them to.


INSTANT LASH XTREME is so easy to remove – you don’t even need soap or make up remover. The tubes with your lash extensions attached, will simply slide off your lashes and into your fingertips when you apply a combination of friction and warm water. Water alone won’t take them off. Friction or rubbing alone wont take them off. But the combination of the two will see them slide off easily and effortlessly. They go on like magic, and they come off like magic. Presto!