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New Tube lash extensions create even longer, and now thicker, looking lashes in just seconds with new one step brush on technology
  • Lengthens – up to 1 cm by combining 4 – 8 mm hair extensions with 3D extendatubes
  • Thickens – with fat lash fibres
  • Seals – extendatubes lock it all in for a smudge proof, flake proof, cry proof finish
  • Darkens – glossy jet black tubes for sultry dark lashes
  • Even lifts and curls

  • stars "All kinds of awesome! ... My husband actually asked me if they were another set of falsies! Yes and no I told him. Fact is they give as much length and volume as false lashes without that really fake look that reminds you of one of those dolls whose eyes open and shut. It's like mascara on steroids - lashes are the biggest they will ever get without glue or gum...The best bit? It's foolproof!" - as road tasted by beautyheaven members
  • stars "...I was really happy with the end result, I love the fact that I was in control the length of my lashes and that I do not have to add mascara as the product has been formulated in black." - as road tasted by beautyheaven members
  • stars "Incredible! ...I wear contacts and was firstly a little but worried about the fibres falling into my eyes and affecting my contacts but I have found this product to be completely normal and not affect my eyes at all. I was very impressed and I think it's definitely worth having, especially when your after more oomph than just mascara!" - as road tasted by beautyheaven members